Art by Nicole Coursen

Check out my Etsy page for available works or email for commission inquiries. 

About Me

My Background


 I am a self taught visual artist who is always creating and continuously learning new things. I love trying new mediums and styles to help me grow as an artist.  I first started painting when I was 30 years old. I took a few classes to learn the basics and then continued my journey of trial and error on my own. I learn best by just doing it! After a few years of painting as a personal hobby I began selling my work once a year at the local Art Walk. I find immensely satisfying to spend a weekend making art and talking about art with other artists and patrons. After a few years of this I began trying new mediums and fell in love with textile arts especially needle felting. I now sell my work on Etsy and Instagram and am always busy with new commissions for paintings and needle felted art.  

My Medium



My mediums range from acrylic paintings to textile art. I craft needle felted wool sculptures and paintings, and I use my sewing machine free hand to create embroidered drawings   I even make tiny needle felted necklaces!  I am always excited to try a new medium and see where it takes me. 

 There is a reason I named my site All the Things! 

My Inspiration


 I work with several different mediums and am always excited to try something new if not completely different. I have a deep rooted passion for all genres of music and my paintings are often inspired by songs and always named for them. Growing up in Miami Florida instilled in me an attachment to swimming and the ocean. Now living in the prairies of Alberta, I miss that connection to the ocean and have developed a predilection for combining water themes and portraiture in my acrylic paintings.        

My needle felt work is still growing and right now is predominantly inspired by local landscapes. I have always been an animal lover and even dreamed of studying zoology as a child. I really enjoy making realistic looking animals out of wool, making both sculptures and painting style felting.

When I work with my sewing machine to create free hand embroidery pieces it is generally at a time when I am feeling whimsical and want to make something fun and different! 

Contact Me

 Check out my Etsy page for available works or email me for commission inquiries.  

All the Things

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada